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The Irish linen.

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Image of The Irish linen.
  • Image of The Irish linen.

This tote bag is a two-fabric tote bag. It has a round bottom.

The top of the bag (H= 9. 2/8"/23.5cm) is made from a heavyweight dark indigo denim. 100% cotton.

The bottom of the bag (H= 9"/22.8cm) is a round shaped bottom. It is a beautiful sturdy "Designers guild" textured burnt orange coloured fabric. Cotton/linen blend.

The tote bag is fully lined with a beautiful 100% linen fabric from Ireland. It is a natural coloured 100% linen with apple green coloured squares. It has a double inside pocket with a blue bias.

Each tote is unique, and is handmade with a lot of TLC in London. You can safely and happily use it as a shopper bag or you can carry your books, papers and bigger items... Very eco-friendly!

Photos are as accurate as can be. Depending on your monitor's screen resolution; there might be a slight difference in the actual colours of the bag.

Dimensions of the tote bag:
W: 14.5" (36.8cm) x H: 18 2/8" (46.3cm)

Inside pocket with bias:
H: 6.1/2" (16.5cm) x W: 9.5" (24cm)

Golden yellow straps: 23" (58.5cm). The handles are long enough to carry the bag over the shoulder or by hand.